Ways to Donate

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  • Venmo: @Sparta-Elks

Why Donate?

One of the greatest reasons to donate to the Sparta Elks is that your donation will go to helping people in our community. The Sparta Elks use your donation to fund our programs such as scholarships for area students, youth activities, veteran relations, and to send special need children to Elk’s Camp Moore, to name a few. The Elks also are also always ready to help the less fortunate. If you have been blessed, making a decision to donate to The Elks can help you give a little back.

Have the Elks or some other organization been a help to you in a time of need? This would be great reason for you to donate to the Elks. Have you had times in your life when you needed a little help? Now that you are on our feet, why not make an organization like The Elks the beneficiaries of your decision to donate to charity? It is never a bad idea to return a good turn and if your decision to donate helps someone else who may need help, it just makes it that much more appropriate.

You can also donate to The Elks in the name of a loved one that has passed away. Was there a cause that was close to their heart? If you donate to The Elks we let us know their favorite cause and we will make sure the donation is used for that cause. The Elks benefit and you get to add another excellent aspect to your decision to donate to charity.